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However, don't expect the conversations to be about easy topics all day long: Sweet Venus in Capricorn will challenge Uranus in Aries, creating tension between your relationships and your career or reputation. When wild Uranus and harmony loving Venus clash, people can feel anywhere from sensitive, to erratic, to non-committal, to afraid of abandonment.

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Your Cancerian empathy skills will be put to the test on February 6! Like I said, Cancers are famous for being moody; however, when push comes to shove and when the shit gets deep, Cancers are actually wonderful at being logical and objective about complicated emotional situations. This is because cool, mental Air sign Aquarius rules the part of your chart that represents sex and intimacy, shared resources, debts and taxes, and death and transformation. It's a very intense section of the chart, involving topics most people don't want to think about. But not you, Cancer! On February 8, the New Moon in Aquarius will activate this sector of your chart, allowing you a fresh start around all of these themes.

This is a wonderful time to clear psychic debris, see a therapist, or talk to someone who specializes in a deep or scary issue you need to work on. This is also a perfect time to forgive and forget or to purge belongings that remind you of the past. It's the perfect time for a rebirth, Cancer! February 10 brings lovely vibes to your partnerships both romantic and nonromantic , when Venus trines Jupiter. Jupiter, again, is currently in Virgo, an analytical sign that occupies the sector of your chart that rules communication. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth, and it will be spending time in this sector of your chart until the September 9, where it'll boost your brainpower and inspire you to broaden your expressive abilities.


This is a great year to start a blog, get into puzzle or strategy games, or do anything that challenges your attention span. But, anyway, back to the point: On February 10, Venus—the planet of all that is beautiful and wonderful in life, which is currently occupying the partnership sector of your chart—will connect with Jupiter in Virgo, creating a generous and easy vibe in your relationships, especially around finding understanding.

On February 10, Venus will connect with Jupiter, creating a generous and easy vibe in your relationships, especially around finding understanding. On February 13, when Mercury enters Aquarius, expect to do some negotiating and to receive a boost in your intuition not that you need it, you're already very psychic, Cancer. If you have issues around finances or taxes, you'll have the mental energy to tackle them, with logical Mercury in genius Aquarius.

You may go on long distance travels or pilgrimages with your family. During March-July, you may feel happiness is back in your home, however, an aspect of Saturn at your 4th house from the 7th house may cause some kind of dissatisfaction at home front. This feeling of discontent will last throughout the year. You may buy a vehicle or land in the month of March. There would be a good inflow of money during April-July. During July-Aug, an outflow of money is also predicted. During the month of October, you may buy luxurious items to make the life of your loved ones comfortable.

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The concluding months of the year will be good as far as family life is concerned. There is a possibility of the birth of a new life in your family. Also Read: Astrological analysis of suicidal tendency. According to Cancer Astrology forecast, the beginning of the year would be good in terms of love and romance. You will get ample opportunities to romance with your spouse. The intensity of love would be much in between you two, with an abundance of passion and energy. During the months of March-June, avoid falling into any arguments with your partner.

The health of your spouse may also decline during the phase between March-June.

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  • If you are planning to get married this year, you may finally tie the knot in the middle of the year or in the last few months. Newly married couples if planning for a child, shall expect the birth of a child during March-June. However, precaution is required in pregnancy because of the conjunction of two malefic planets in your 7th house. You may go on long-distance travel or long trips with your spouse and children.

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    You may plan to visit temples or go on a pilgrimage with your life partner and family members. During this phase, there's also an indication of your meeting with someone special if starting a new relationship is on your mind. According to Cancer Horoscope for Love and Relationships, this year is average for love matters. If you wish to propose someone, you may face difficulty doing that. However, during the months of March-June, after much difficulty, you may get a positive response. If you are committed, you may also think of love marriage.

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    During this period, you may be constantly involved in fights with your partner. You may have no time to dedicate to your partner owing to your busy schedule for business or work. It may become the reason for fights and arguments in between you and your partner. After its transit in the month of September, Ketu will occupy your fifth house. This may create trouble in your love life and romantic relationships due to its malefic effects in your horoscope. You need to be very careful during this phase.

    There are chances that a break up may leave you with a feeling of disdain. Be humble and don't allow ego to come in between you two. In the months of January and February, you and your partner may feel high intensity in your love for each other. Overall, the year is moderate for you as far as love life is concerned. Remedies minimize the malefic effect of planets.

    This year, to acquire maximum benefit and planetary support, perform this remedy regularly. You should donate a Chaya Patra on Saturdays. For this, fill mustard oil in a vessel made of clay or iron and donate it to someone after seeing your face in it. You have to do this regularly throughout the year.

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    Afterwards, distribute prasad of jaggery-gram or Bundi to small children. Home Contact Us Customer Care customercare astrocamp. Cart: 0. Sign in New User? Sign Up. This year there is likely to be conflict at the workplace for the Cance predicts the horoscope. You are likely to compete with someone, though.

    You will need to work harder and be more confident than your coworkers if you want to get ahead in Making personal goals at work is a great way to motivate yourself to do this. Cancer, you are also likely to have good luck in your finances this year. You should have enough money to pay for all of the necessities and some to save as well! Working on a hobby that makes money is also a good way to get some extra pocket money. Cancer astrology predicts that this year your energy levels will vary, but you should still try to work out often. The greatest thing that could cause you illness this year is inactivity.

    Inactivity could also slow your metabolism or cause other health problems during the Mercury retrograde. Try to adapt to a new exercise routine or diet this year. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Like any year, has opportunities for change for the Cancerians within it. However, you are the ones that needs to make these changes. You can choose to pass up these opportunities and your year is likely to end the same way that it started. January will be a month of questions and confusion for the crabs. March is a good time for students to pursue higher education.

    April will be an emotional month for the Cancerians. May is an excellent time to focus your energy on jobs that need your attention. June will be filled with new opportunities that will work in your favor.

    february 10 horoscope 2020 cancer February 10 horoscope 2020 cancer
    february 10 horoscope 2020 cancer February 10 horoscope 2020 cancer
    february 10 horoscope 2020 cancer February 10 horoscope 2020 cancer
    february 10 horoscope 2020 cancer February 10 horoscope 2020 cancer
    february 10 horoscope 2020 cancer February 10 horoscope 2020 cancer

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