Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020

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From 11 May to 29 September , there would be several ups and downs that you would have to tackle and face, and thereby, it is advised that you focus entirely on your career, and take measures on how to better your graph. Any new partnership should be avoided, and you should stay away from any kind of confusion that might crop up and turn into a dispute from 23 September , due to Rahu Ketu axis in the First House and Seventh House, as per Taurus Horoscope.

From the month of May to June , due to the transit of Sun and Venus in Taurus, there are high chances of you securing a new job that you had been anticipating since long, or get a hike in your current salary. Your seniors at your workplace would play a major role during May to September , as per Taurus Horoscope for Career.

Therefore, be cordial relationship towards them, and maintain a very good relationship with them. There seems to be the presence of office politics at your workplace by your colleagues, and it is advised that you be careful of their advances and while dealing with them, suggests the Taurus Horoscope for Career. As a Taurus, the Horoscope predicts that you would be blessed with an innate personality of being determined and focused on your goals. You also would have a materialistic side to yourself, which would never let you distract yourself from your needs, thus always letting you taking your finances seriously and planning on how to take care of your expenses, as per Taurus Horoscope.

The Taurus Horoscope predicts that your finances in would only get better, as you would find newer avenues to explore and uplift your financial status. This year would be rewarding, as it would present you with newer sources of income that would add on to your existing income, as per Taurus Horoscope. However, control your urge to show off your money in front of friends, and the urge to overspend money when you are with friends. Until August , the wealth horoscope for Taurus forecasts that you would not face any problem related to money, but, if you continue splurging your money, without focusing on saving it for the future, you might have to face serious financial hardships, says the Taurus Horoscope.

If you are planning to proceed with some long-term investments or invest in speculative acts, make sure that you do it only after the beginning of September, because as per Taurus Finance Horoscope , it would be the apt time. Towards the mid of , take care to keep a check on your finance, and do not spend mindlessly. There are chances that you might be investing your money in buying electronic gadgets, appliances, and materialistic things of interest, from 23 September Any plans to invest in mutual funds should be done, only after consulting with experienced seniors who would guide you through the best way to proceed with investments, says the Taurus Finance Horoscope For the purchase of new vehicles, 14 May to 15 July is a good period to proceed with the purchase of new vehicles, if you are planning to invest in buying one.

The Taurus Horoscope for Marriage and Relationships states that this year would demand you to give your time and energy into your married relationship, and invest your mental capacity into it. Giving due importance to your marriage would help you maintain it well, and present the both of you with opportunities to understand each other better. There are chances of your getting attracted to someone between 14 May to 15 June, but try to avoid such extra marital relationships at all costs, as it might prove damaging to your married relationship.

Starting from 23 September , your partner might doubt you, which might create a lot of confusions and misunderstanding between you both. Try your best to not let such situations get the better of you, and handle your relationship with care. Expect increase in support from your partner after this period of upheavals, feel blessed with their respect for you, and get delighted with such treatment. Your children would bring home rewards and prizes as they win competitions of sports and other activities from 16 august to 4 October Forum says:. June 7, at pm. Paarbrahm says:.

Kanjri says:. Risha says:. Yadu says:. June 8, at am. Tanishq says:. June 8, at pm. Ednit says:. June 9, at pm. Madhumitha says:. June 10, at pm. Daaruk says:. Navadweep says:. June 11, at am. Vibhat says:. June 12, at am. Brahmaanand says:. Rujula says:. June 12, at pm.

Dhriti says:. June 13, at am. Muskan says:. Tamali says:. June 13, at pm. Suvarnmala says:. Prateep says:. June 14, at am. Sadbhuj says:. Amalendu says:. June 14, at pm. Dhanvin says:. Aanandita says:. Virendri says:. June 15, at am. Poorvi says:. June 15, at pm. Mukta says:. June 16, at pm. Shrikant says:. June 17, at pm.

Sona says:. Orpita says:. June 18, at pm. Saicharan says:. Makarand says:. June 19, at pm. Jagvi says:.

June 20, at pm. Vaibhav says:. June 21, at pm. Aanandi says:. Atiksh says:. June 22, at pm. Kshipva says:. June 23, at pm. Kumkum says:. June 24, at pm. Nandakumar says:. Lokpradeep says:. June 25, at pm. Yauvani says:. June 26, at am.

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Sulakshmi says:. Sadashiv says:. June 27, at am. Bhanumitra says:. June 28, at am. Kanakapriya says:. June 29, at pm. Visvambhar says:. June 30, at am. Raahi says:. June 30, at pm. Sutantu says:. Bhagavaan says:. Gorma says:. Prana says:. July 1, at am. Ishwarya says:. Nishi says:. July 1, at pm. Tara says:. Satyavache says:. July 2, at am. Lakhi says:.

Kshema says:. Shubhangi says:. Darshak says:. July 3, at pm. Kajjali says:. Jakarious says:. July 4, at pm. Pradyumna says:. July 5, at pm. Parthapratim says:. Rishikesh says:. July 6, at pm. Haroon says:. July 7, at pm. Parveen says:. July 9, at am. Shivali says:. Subhag says:. July 10, at pm. Niharika says:. July 12, at am. Jeevan says:. July 12, at pm. Baalkrishan says:. July 13, at am. Vidur says:. July 14, at pm. Nakula says:. Deleena says:. Somkar says:. Sangya says:.

July 15, at pm. Haresh says:. Shivanand says:. July 17, at am. Rashmika says:. July 17, at pm. Parmesh says:. Rajul says:. July 18, at pm. Sibani says:. Eshwardutt says:. Brijesh says:. July 19, at am. Bhooshit says:. July 19, at pm. Spoorthy says:. Madhavilata says:. July 20, at am. Vipra says:.

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July 20, at pm. Mrinendra says:. July 21, at pm. Vaijnath says:. Vasu says:.

Taurus Description – Vrishabha Rashi

July 22, at am. Sanhata says:. Harindranath says:. July 22, at pm. Sugauri says:. Shivlal says:. July 23, at am. Tripura says:. July 23, at pm. Nishok says:. Shail says:. July 24, at am. Vishvaketu says:. Pramod says:. Aahna says:. July 24, at pm. Kamna says:. July 25, at am. Guru says:.

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Sahiba says:. July 25, at pm. Chaunta says:. July 26, at pm. July 28, at pm. Chanda says:. July 29, at pm. Purohit says:. July 30, at pm. Yathavan says:.

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Anjas says:. July 31, at am. Bhoomi says:. July 31, at pm. Taanusiya says:. August 1, at am. Kraanti says:. August 2, at am. Ranya says:.

Vrishabh Rashifal 2020 - वृषभ राशिफल 2020 - Taurus Horoscope 2020 in Hindi

August 2, at pm. Kunshi says:. August 3, at pm. Yadunath says:. August 6, at am. Meer says:. August 8, at pm. Devdarsh says:. August 9, at pm. Vibhut says:. Sami says:. Alaina says:. August 11, at am. Manoj says:.

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Chaanakya says:. August 11, at pm. Snehakant says:. August 12, at pm. Vishwambhar says:. August 13, at am.

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Gunin says:. August 13, at pm. Agniprava says:. Chandeedaas says:. August 15, at pm. April 14, at am. Parthiban says:. November 30, at am. December 28, at pm. January 1, at pm. Sunitha says:. January 7, at pm. January 10, at am. January 18, at am. Period from around end of April looks more significant in this regard.

From around mid of May ruler of your sign Venus transiting in Gemini turns retrograde. Around end of last week of June, Venus becomes direct in motion. Business person needs to execute due caution while extending credit to new customer during retrogression of Venus.

Progressive forces are to keep working effectively. As a major change Mars enters own sign Aries and move through the 12 th house from around end of June. Become successful with personalised Business Report , which has complete prediction for the year based on your Kundali. July to September This period can prove much challenging for business person and also for job holder.

Remaining temperamentally correct is a must for making due progress. Business person needs to refrain from spending money for development. Business person may get good opportunity tie up with a foreign based company. This tie up can lead to pushing ahead prospects for business person in a big way. Employed one remains stressed due to heavy work load. Employed one may need to work for extended hours at times to meet approaching deadline. You should be worried about your Career. Make it Successful in with our Career Horoscope Report.

October to December Business person doing business in partnership needs to keep partner in loop about your action plan for progress in growth. Business person may have kind of challenging time about pushing ahead sales.

vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020 Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020
Vrishabha rashi horoscope february 2020

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