January 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde

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Hopefully it is a political illusion that the lines of communication are frayed now. We need to get the charts of Putin and Trump in here, as well as the mundane charts of Russia and the US nations. Complex stuff, but if we do not analysis it, who will?

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All good points Mark. There is a good amount of markers literally everywhere that raise many questions. Also of note: is the year of the Roswell Incident with regards to alien plutonian?

I live in Poland and I have to say that a lot is going on in Poland and Europe right now. There is general chaos and more dictatorship. They do what they want, they steal, they rape, they murder and they get compensation for it. For us it is already a coup and war. In addition, the dominant dictatorship of corporations can be seen.

Independent media are persecuted and closed so the rating is accurate. Thank you for these detailed explanations, they are so helpful! Both planets are slow and their actions span many months. Aspects to Mercury are of fleeting nature. Great article. To add to my woes, I also have a fast approaching Saturn second return at 29 Cap.

Apart from building a bunker. The cycle of Saturn is long, approx.

2020 Yearly Astrology – Planetary movements

The planet travels through the houses of your chart pretty much like a symbolic hour arm on a watch face. When transiting Saturn returns to its initial natal position, that moment marks a completion of that nearly 30 years cycle. Like moving to next octave up. And by the way, fears is one of typical Saturnian challenges, especially when Saturn aspected with Mars. The best advice I had is to ignore fears and keep moving regardless.

In the Greek mythology Kronos is the leader of the second generation of the gods that uprooted the rule of Ouranos Uranus , the god of sky. The sickle of Kronos represents both the weapon with which he stopped the generative power of Ouranos by castrating him, as well as the symbol of time and judgement. The sharp edge of the sickle draws the line between past and present severing what is outdated and needs to be discarded. The sickle acts as the principle of discerning limits. The rule of Kronos was eventually ended by the third generation of the gods lead by Zeus Jupiter , for more on this read our earlier story.

The vaulted roofs of the Victorian era in England — express the energy of the structured side of Saturn really well. Some rare conjunctions are actually triple conjunctions due to the retrograde movement effect. The most violent conjunction in the modern history one was the Saturn — Pluto conjunction of — see below thus bringing up questions about what the next future triple conjunction of may bring.

Artwork: Planetary Collision by Don Davis. How to discover long-term aspects using Time Nomad Learn how to discover the timing of Saturn — Pluto conjunction using the Chart Event Explorer tool that is an integral part of Time Nomad astrological app.

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Chart Event Explorer allows to instantly reveal and explore nearly any astrological event: Planetary aspects and transits Retrogrades Personal Lunar or Solar returns Personal transits Equinoxes and solstices Moon phases and Void of Course Aspects to fixed stars. Reply to Kate. Reply to Cherie. I really enjoy your wonderful work!

Thank you very much! Reply to Ilirjana. Thanks for this informative report and also the historical connection. Reply to mayerfisch. Reply to Mark R Babcock. Reply to thread started by Mark R Babcock. Reply to Mark Babcock. Reply to thread started by Mark Babcock. Reply to Toetsie Lugtigheid. Reply to Kasia. Reply to Melody. Reply to thread started by Melody.

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Reply to John. Reply to thread started by John. Comment Markdown is allowed. Email address never published, always encrypted, used for Gravatar image and reply notifications. The retrogrades for Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are generally about 40 percent to 45 percent of the year.


When the planet is done transiting in retrograde motion, it will station briefly then resume the transit in direct motion. Uranus' influence is the epitome of "expect the unexpected. Some of us thrive on routine and consistency, and when Uranus has game, we feel like we're thrown into a proverbial blender.

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The sudden changes are actually subdued somewhat while Uranus' transit is retrograde. The period of Uranus retrograde allows us chance to think a little about our reaction to changes. It also gives us a chance to rethink and organize our need for change. Many groups formed while Uranus is direct, actually find more structure and organization after Uranus has begun retrograde motion.

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Neptune's influence is considered to be creative, dream based and spiritual. We tend to walk around a bit more hopeful and optimistic while Neptune's transit is direct moving forward. We may be more optimistic because we have an ideal or a fantasy that we hope to achieve. When Neptune's transit retrogrades, our dreams and ideals may start to drip away as reality forces us to come to terms with any portion of the dream that is based on fantasy. We will need to rethink our creative side, as well, since we may start to experience dissatisfaction with our current path or creative focus.

Pluto's influence is considered to be evolving, regenerative and transforming. When Pluto's transit is direct moving forward we tend to change from the "outside" in as the situations around us typically force us to evaluate our predicaments. When Pluto's transit retrogrades, we reverse this process to an inside-out evolution. Our internal forces seem to break down or redirect us so that we can see our own need for change rather than being forced into the process by others.

january 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde January 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde
january 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde January 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde
january 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde January 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde
january 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde January 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde
january 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde January 14 2020 astrology uranus retrograde

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