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You usually take external situations personally and emotional outbursts are not uncommon. This solar phenomenon marks an excellent opportunity to consider making a change in the workplace new work team, location, hierarchical position or changing your salary. The natives of Leo will enjoy an upward trend in terms of health, however, it is a good idea not to use too much force lifting heavy weights or objects or underestimating the importance of rest. This astral transit will make you look for your partner to transcend being just a figure of romantic interest, to becoming a companion and ally.

For single people, the lunar event can mean the beginning of a stable relationship with someone from your group of friends. Mars will enter the X House of Leo on February 14th, which can be interpreted as a more aggressive attitude towards the process climbing the ladder within the business hierarchy workplace.

The presence of the asteroid Psyche in the VI House of Leo is advantageous to working on overcoming negative psychological patterns which could be blocking your success. Uranus will enter the X House of Leo on March 6th changing your perception of what it means to succeed, which will contradict with what you learned with the eclipse of the full moon on January 21st. This is a favorable position for practicing tantra and freeing karmas associated with sexuality, which have been accumulated in other incarnations. The retrogradation of Ceres and Jupiter starting on April 9th and 10th respectively will take place in the V House of Leo, creating tension in your relationship with children.

Romance will have to wait. At the end of April, the retrogradation of Saturn and Pluto will take place in the VI House of Leo, generating an aversion to your workplace and the responsibilities inherent to it. It is a good time of the year for routine medical evaluations, since the retrogradation of Saturn and Pluto in the VI House of the lion will reveal hidden injuries or ailments or that seemed to be in remission. These could reveal tortuous secrets or past traumas.

Address the motives of your heart. This is an important transit that guarantees the support of your work team when promoting your ideas. Assignments that are developed in groups will receive more attention than individual initiatives. It is a good idea to monitor this type of behavior and its cause to avoid future problems.

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This is where Lilith will also be located. You will have a tendency to evade reality so as to avoid recognizing discomfort. This will be through your own conviction and not just for show. Several planets will be transiting in Leo in July, including Venus, which will provide more magnetism, charm and attraction for the natives of the sign. Ceres will begin its direct phase in the V House of Leo on July 17th, easing the pressure in your area of creativity.

While Jupiter will continue in this location in apparent retrograde, the dwarf planet will be an important ally with respect to your productivity.

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At this moment you may have a tendency towards introspection and reviewing the past as a way to understand the events of the present. This alignment closes the cycle of astral events that occurred during the first 8 months of , which pushed the natives of Leo to move on from their past North Node of Karma in the XII House of the sign and reveal their true desires. But through a reflective attitude, this transit can be used to align yourself with your true vocation and purpose. The presence of the Sun in Leo during the first half of the month of August will help to keep the physical state of the sons and daughters of the lion at its best.

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However, abandoning treatments and therapy sooner than originally planned is not a very sensible thing to do. Finances will continue to improve for the natives of Leo during the month of September. The activities that will yield the greatest benefits, starting in the second two weeks of the month, will be those associated with commerce and small-scale trips. This is a transit that supports those people who are suffering from skin and bone diseases.

October is projected as a favorable time of the year to make changes or redecorate your home. If you perform the tasks in the company of your loved ones, it will strengthen ties with your family members. For many natives of Leo, October will bring forth the end of a period reflecting on their destiny in a professional sense. What for some will imply a complete change of direction, for others will mean it is time to make themselves heard.

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During the first two weeks of November, it is a good idea to be very tactful when dealing with close relatives and not to move into a dominant position, since Mercury will be retrograde in the IV House of Leo until the 19th. The New Moon in Sagittarius will touch the V House of Leo on November 26th, signaling that it is the right moment to start a new creative project.

With Neptune in its direct phase in the VIII House of Leo, it will be easier to recognize the hidden motives of other people and your own when trying to add incentives to an unnecessary or frivolous discussion.

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Jupiter will enter the VI House of Leo on December 2nd, indicating a new year of growth at work for the proud natives of Leo. January will see the Archers unsure about the next step they should take. February will be a month for love and romance. Think twice before getting into new relationships. March too is a month when you need to be cautious of the people you come in touch with. April is a favorable month for personal and professional conquests. May is a month of progress if you move ahead with the right attitude.

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  7. June is a good month to organize your mind, life and ideas so that when the time comes, there are no delays. July is the period when you will be on a quest to find answers to all the unanswered questions in your mind. August is a month of trials and tribulations. You should be careful of your actions. September too can be a time when you need to be careful of your actions and indulgences. October is a favorable month for career and new business ventures.

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    Financial earnings too will be positive. November is a fortunate month to be spent with your loved ones. December is a good time for travel and vacations. You might also go on a business trip. Sagittarius horoscope forecasts that opportunities will come and go this year.

    But, if you take the right ones and pass the bad ones, then your year will be nothing but great. Remember to rest, spend time with the people you care about, and work on your hobbies this year and will be great! Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Lions can act as they want, but it's better not to make decisions dictated by emotions.

    The stars recommend to search not an alternative but an additional source, and over time it will even be able to replace the main one. In , the Lions will be able to reach their full potential. Let's note one more nuance of - representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Leo will be one of the few signs to whom in the working direction during this period is contraindicated to take risks.

    In the rest - no restrictions. Horoscope Comments: Horoscope Leo. Your name:. Daily Horoscope Daily horoscope.

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    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    goto horoscope leo february 2020 Goto horoscope leo february 2020
    Goto horoscope leo february 2020

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