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She may not be ruled by the star or planet that would represent an appropriate mate for Hamlet. Or he is not included in her type represented by a mate describing planet in her chart. Or her Sun may not be dignified enough to represent him. He is not in her world, defined by her star. This makes me think of some related ideas.

A person can be shown to be special when a 1 st magnitude star is in an important place in their chart. Trump has Regulus on his Ascendant. Bush has his Sun close to Sirius. Another placement showing rank is the ruler of the Ascendant being elevated. Queen Elizabeth 2 has this. She is Capricorn rising and her Saturn is at the top of her chart. Queen Elizabeth 1 also had Capricorn rising, but her Saturn was in the 7 th , in Cancer, the house of enemies. Her father was a Sun in cancer so he was one of her enemies.

He has the Moon in Taurus in his 10 th and his Mother is a Taurus. This is like astrological poetry. In Act 3, Hamlet describes himself as crawling between earth and heaven. This takes no explanation but it reminds me of something. I was soaking between earth and heaven the other night in the hot tub at 2 am. I have a view of the southern ecliptic and saw magnificent Leo past the zenith, Corvus at the zenith, and bright Jupiter and Spica moving up to it.

Magic does exist in the world; we just have to look up. The mythological gods in appearance, nature, and activity show us what the planets are like. So to us, the Sun, or Jove, or Mars, or Mercury are the gods and the planets which are features of our charts and facets or our own personalities. In this play Theseus, Duke of Athens, says,. The Duke and Hippolyta are to be married right after the new moon when there is a crescent moon. They do not want to marry under a declining Moon. Timing this marriage with a new crescent Moon shows a new start and a marriage that develops over a long time.

One would not want to start a new marriage under an old Moon. Events of and a Look at He later added the mass shootings at my insistence, and said that they come before the sex thing. My notebook is full of events in the world and in the sky that I record every year. It is essentially carrying on the work of the Assyrian Enuma Anu Enlil, who painstakingly did the same thing over a long period of time. This combo in cardinal signs well shows the conflict between movers and shakers, people at the top, people in power. An outsider was elected and tensions have been constant.

In the Gemini rising U. These oppose and square our numerous planets in Cancer especially Mercury. And Saturn in the U. Chart rules the Aquarius midheaven. I like the Gemini rising chart because in our country, the cities were in the east, Gemini Ascendant, and Sagittarius, the wild west, was in the west. In the sky, Mars square Saturn in the inauguration chart, added to the stress felt by many. Transiting Saturn has been in Sagittarius in our whole sign 7 th , the house of war.

And, the cardinal T square adds to the international tension. The October 1 st Las Vegas mass shooting was the worst in our history. Paddock has five planets in cardinal signs in angular houses. He had been under the influence of the cardinal T square for a long period of time. When the shooting happened mutable signs were in angles. Venus and Mars, women and men, were in the 4 th squaring Saturn and opposing Neptune. The Gemini Ascendant was very close to the opposition with Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius.

The Moon was in Aquarius as was his. By this time, Jupiter is in Scorpio connecting concepts of church and death. An early Gemini Moon is oppose by sign, Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius. The harassment sex scandal started around Oct. It started with the Weinstein story and is still developing. Weinstein has a very strong square between Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo. Charlie Rose has a Leo Moon oppose Venus and both square Saturn and Uranus and he probably does not get along well with women.

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Matt Lauer has Pluto square Mars in Sagittarius. Saturn and Mercury are in later Sagittarius getting a hit from transiting Saturn. His early Capricorn Sun will continue to be stimulated by Saturn after its sign change. He has Neptune in Scorpio.

A few more events warrant mention. And Mars was in real estate sign, Cancer. Mercury, Mars, and the Moon oppose Neptune and the Ascendant squares it. Homer called Neptune, shaker of earth. In the Nov. Mars is square Pluto in 4 th and 7 th and the Moon is oppose Neptune, shaker of earth. The hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria happen within a month of the total solar eclipse. For Harvey, cardinal signs are angular. The Moon is very close to Jupiter and is square Venus and oppose Uranus in the 1 st.

The Sun is square Saturn. Here are some additional events by month. In January, Libra was rising when the Jan. Mars was very close to Neptune. In Nigeria and in Mali on the 17 th and 18 th bombs took over lives with the Moon in Libra connecting with the T square. On the 22 nd , an Indian train derailed. The Moon was in Sagittarius along with Saturn which Mars was squaring.

Money planets, Venus and Mars were together. It came to our attention later that communications in Trump tower were under surveillance. The March 22 nd terror attack in London and the March 24 th killing of the Republican health care bill both happened with Mars at the MC. This illustrates that this is not a good time to accomplish something or to be out and about. In April, the Jupiter Pluto square was very strong at the time of the flood in Columbia, the subway blast in St. Petersburg, and the gas attack in Syria. The massive Wannacry cyber attack happened under a Moon in communication sign, Sagittarius.

And yes, Saturn was there. A special counsel was named to the Russia collusion probe under an Aquarius Moon on May 17th. Trump makes his speech in Riyadh with the Moon in Aries, his wholesign 9 th. The Raqqa offensive started around the 6 th. Warring Mars had just changed sign to Cancer and the Moon was in the death sign, Scorpio. During the Full Moon in justice sign, Sagittarius, Comey testified. On the 14 th Scalise was shot; the Sun was opposing Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius and Mars was on the Ascendant.

Otto Warmbier died on the 19 th which furthers the tensions with Noko. We can note that the cardinal T square was becoming a grand cross with the addition of hot, violent and harmful Mars in Cancer. This powerful, and for some events, more long term correspondent can probably be applied to the Venezuela situation, heat in the Southwest, the oil tanker explosion in Pakistan, and the China landslide. The landslide happened under a wet New Moon in Cancer.

In July with the Moon in Sagittarius on the 5th, a picture that may be Amelia Earhart with the Japanese was shown in the papers. She has 4 planets in Gemini, the opposite sign of Sagittarius. On July 10 th , Trump Jr. On July 20 th with the Moon in Gemini, O. Simpson was paroled. He has Mars in Gemini, which can be translated literally as double murders. Saturn is connecting with his mutable T square including his natal Saturn. Transiting Saturn and Jupiter are moving from important places in his chart to less important places. This can show diminished activity.

In August, the T square became a grand cross and was associated with many events, including those of leaders being in conflict. The eclipses of Aug 7 th and Aug 21 st in Aquarius and Leo and involving Mars contributed to the making of many events. The U. Chart has an Aquarius Moon. For Trump, Aquarius is in the 7 th house of enemies and partners and the Leo eclipse was very close to his Ascendant and his natal Mars.

And the solar eclipse was visible here in the U. For additional U. In the world, Barcelona happened when Saturn in Sagittarius was rising and opposing a Moon in vehicle sign, Gemini. In Sierra Leon mudslides killed over people. In Sept. Things should get calmer. The big story last month were the disasters happening in populated areas. Irma, Maria, and the earthquake in Mexico happened under Sun square Saturn, which is classic for loss events. Jupiter is a weather planet and is associated with acts of God. Uranus represents people due to it ruler ship of human sign, Aquarius; it is also a hurricane planet.

In October many events happened. Some are saying that it is because of the eclipses that we had in August. I tend to agree. Here are some of those events and other correspondents. Around Oct. Venus and Mars are together and squaring Saturn. And the Sun and Mercury square Pluto. On Oct 14 th , Al Shabad bombed a shopping district and kills innocent people.

Mars is still squaring Saturn and the Sun is still squaring Pluto. In her solar house chart she has these three Scorpio bodies in the 1 st house and the three Leo planets in the 10 th ; this shows her extreme fame. On Oct 30 th , Manafort is indicted by Mueller. Mars just into legal sign, Libra moving to square Pluto and oppose Uranus shows legal tension.

In Nov. The Southerland church shooting and the Halabja quake were noted above. The Egyptian mosque bombing and shooting also happened with cardinal signs in angular houses. Mars was opposing Uranus in the 7 th and 1st houses, and Pluto was with the MC. Like the Southerland chart, Jupiter, sign of religion, is in the sign of death, Scorpio. The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn were in the shooting sign, Sagittarius. Agung is acting up again. Sagittarius represents the tree covered area of mountains. Capricorn represents the area above the tree line. Saturn changed sign on Dec. Events happen when slow moving planets change sign.

For the 1 st half of the month fires raged in Ca. Mars changed sign that day. With a Libra Moon conjunct Saturn in the U. Chart on the 12 th , Moore lost and democrat Jones is elected. In our chart Saturn rules the MC. On the 17 th with the Moon in travel sign Sagittarius, Atlanta airport had an 11 hour power outage and on the 18 th , a train derailed in Dupont Wa.

Mercury, Venus, the Ascendant, Sun, and Saturn were in the 1 st wholesign house in Sagittarius in the event chart. Jupiter is in tax sign Scorpio. My favorite event in December happened a couple of hours after the perfection of Venus trine Uranus. Many saw the craft in various places that day. These pilots were participating in a military project start by Harry Reid. In , we are watching some planets to see their effects on us.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio since Oct. This connects Jupiter things with Scorpio things. Jupiter is improvement, law, and judging. Scorpio is sex, taxes, death and transformation. Mars is also in Scorpio from week 2 of Dec. Recent home and restaurant fires and attacks on churches in late Dec. These planets conjunct on the 6 th. Uranus is change and Taurus is money. We had the earthquake in the ocean, the tsunami, and the meltdown of the Japanese nuclear plant. Now we are going from fire to earth. This sounds like a volcano. Saturn went into Capricorn in late Dec.

Saturn is very strong in Cap because they are similar. Both are associated with ambition and goals. And Capricorn is a business sign and conservative. We will want to note that Pluto is already in Cap. From Mid-March until mid-Nov. Mars will be in Capricorn or Aquarius.

The Capricorn periods create an impressive Mars, Saturn, Pluto combo. Age 68, of Cambridge MN, passed away on October 4th, Preceded in death by a son Leslie Craig Juusola Jr. Kabanuk, Edward D. Survived by brothers, Dennis, Peter, A Larry owned Kalafat, Edward "Ed" Age 86, of St. Paul passed away October 7, at Sholom Home. He was an active member in the Lumen Christi Church, former professional basketball pla Kane, Douglas James Doug's battle with lung cancer ended on Monday, September 30th. He passed peacefully and without pain.

Though it was far too soon, the l Kapala, Evelyn M. Preceded in death by her husband, Henry. Mass of Karlen, Dr. Markle 95, of Minneapolis, died peacefully in his sleep September 25, of natural causes. He'd fallen asleep reading the latest issue of The National Geographic, with a cover story titled "The Last of its Kind," which could be Markle's epi Kellar, Henry Bradbury "Brad" passed away peacefully at the age of 62 after a long illness on August 11, Brad was an exceptional man, loved dearly by family and friends, and will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

A cele Paul, MN, passed away Friday, September 20, peacefully surrounded by his family. Survived by wife, Donna M. Kelly; sister, Carol A. Preceded in death by her mother Gladys. Mary lost her two year battle with cancer, and passed Kester, Geraldine S. Preceded in death by husband George and daughter Mary Eid. Keswani, Marianne Colberg Age 87 of Mahtomedi An endless warmth and a twinkle in her eyes expressed the essence of a beautiful soul who was born December 3, in St.

Marianne graduated from St. Peter High School at Ketcham, Mildred June "Millie" Beloved daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt. Millie was born in Red Wing Ketokoski, Jon W. Age 76 of Golden Valley passed away September 25th, Preceded in death by mother Lily Heberlein and father Walfred Ketokoski. Kidd, Jeanette E. Cloud and at the VA Hospital in Mpls. While in the Twin Cities, she met Bill Kidd, King, Robert C.

Kinkead, John Blackburn Passed away peacefully on Tuesday October 1, at age 89, surrounded by his loving family. He spent his lifetime as an innovator in the golf course and turf industry, starting two companies- Kinco and Turfco while working at th Augusta, Minnesota. The Mass of Christian Burial will be at 11 a. Saturday, October 5 at the Cathedral of St. Kirwan, Robert J. Retired 35 year employee of the Star Tribune Newspaper where he worked as a mailer. Bob was very active as a Union Steward and Officer. Over the years, he made many lifelong friendships. He was a member of the Knights She was a wonderful mom, wife, grandma, sister and friend.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Curtis and Kline, Alfred L. Klocke, Mary T. See Stryker, Mary Eich www. Celebration of Life PM Oct. Koch, Brian M. Age 45, of Brooklyn Park, passed September 30, Preceded in death by brother, Bradley, and grandparents. Brian was a safety specialist for Hennepin County. Koch, Paul J. Age 90, of Richfield, passed away Wed. Korpi, Nestor H. He was preceded in death by his parents; 4 broth She graduated from Amboy H. Kozul, Katherine C. Survived by mother, Gina; aunt, Kay Johnson; special friend, Debra; numerous cousins and friends.

Preceded in death by father, Walter; and brother, Nick. Per Kate's request, no services will be held. Morris N From an early age, he was an independent outdoorsman who enjoyed hiking Kramer, James Glenn passed away peacefully surrounded by family on September 30, at the age of He was born November 7, Jim was one of After returning from the war, he finished his studies in psychology at Bethel Colleg Kvale, Kevin Robert age 67, was born in Rochester, Minnesota.

He died on September 26, Kevin was an avid cyclist and participated in many bicycle races She is preceded in death by her parents; husband, Le Jack married Marilyn Olsen in Lande, Theda J. Landry, Bonnie R. Age 84 of New Brighton passed away September 22, She was preceded in death by her husband Richard. Langmo, James Oliver passed away unexpectedly at home on September 21, He will always be remembered for his love Larranaga, Robert Douglas age 78 of Bloomington, Minnesota passed away October 2, after a courageous battle with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. From an early age he was an early ris Passed away Sept.

Born in , Nancy graduated with the Southwest High School class of Memorial Service will be 10AM, October 12, at: www. Larson, Jonathan M. Visitation 1 hr. Lasher, Beverly J. Beverly was born in Marquette, Michigan into a loving home and community where she grew up on Lake Superior. As a young woman she moved to the Twin Cities to attend L Laursen, Charles R. Life long piano tuner and player including over 50 years tuning at the Minnesota State Fair.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Carl and Helen; brother, Jim. Chuck is survived by Lazarski, Ronald Joseph age 84 of Savage passed away October 5, LeTendre, Wayne L. Passed away on Thursday, October 3, Leaf, Ann Adele Kill Ann Leaf, age 92, most recently of Eden Prairie, MN, slipped peacefully away on June 9, , to join her beloved daughter, Margie, and her 8 brothers and sisters who all preceded her in death.

She was the last surviving child of L Lerum, Martin Norman Age 92 of Minneapolis. Survived by wife of 69 years, Eunice; sons, Martin Jr. Liddiard, Lawrence A. Age 85 of Burnsville, passed away October 1st, He is preceded in death by his daughter, Monica and sister, Kathleen and survived by his wife, Helen; children: Kevin Ashley , Joan Joe Merrill, and Patrick; grandchildren Lifson, Ronald P. Preceded in death by parents, Morris and Sophie Lifson. Died September 29, He lit up the world with his brilliance, beauty and heart.

Lindholt, Virgil L. Funeral Mass 11 am Fri. Visitation am at church. Military honors by Aurora-Hoyt Lakes Co Link, Clare T. Memorial Visitation from pm prior to the servic Susan was a teacher and loving mother. Susan was very kind hearted and found joy in helping others with a meal to share or a place Littman, Rudolph 'Rudy' Age 98, enjoyed a long and happy life. Passed away peacefully on Sept. Preceded in death by his parents Bill and Eleanor mother and Mildred step-mother , his sister Dor Locker, James W. Survived by daughter Charlotte Krogsveen Lunde, Raymond H.

Age 84 of Maple Grove, passed away Sept 30, Colonel Lunde had a successful military career in the National Guard and Army Reserve, retiring after 37 years of service. He ended his 40 year civilian career as Chief Executive Officer Lundeen, Daniel R.

Dwayne Moore convicted of four counts of first-degree murder in Mattapan slaying trial

Age 79 of South Minneapolis, born June 10, in Mpls. Dan loved his life as a Santa for 25 years, touching the hearts of so many. He was an avid sportsman who loved the outdo He is tremendously loved and will be deeply missed. Born in Minneapolis, Dave was a talented musician who loved playing jazz, rock and anything in between on bass, Madson, John Andrew, 98, passed from this world on Monday, September 23, John was passionate about his music, an architect and World War II veteran combat fighter pilot.

He was preceded in death by his beloved wife of 66 years, Joyce. John is surviv Her parents, Joseph and Eleanor Flom, welcomed her, as did all of her beloved pets on the other side of the rainbow bridge Maier, Marcella Mae age 97 of Edina. Marcella was preceded in death by her husband, Edward. She joined him in Heaven on Friday, October 4, their 67th wedding anniversary.

She was a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother and will be greatly misse Malmberg, Evelyn age 97 of Prior Lake passed into her heavenly resting place on Thursday, September 26, Maloney, Paul of Mt. Pleasant, MI, formerly of St. Paul died Sept. Son of the late John J. Nash Maloney. Bernard High School in St. Bachelor's degree in History and secondary degree in Speech from Wiscon Mann, Leo Francis 92 of S.

Leo grew up in St. Paul and sent most of his life as a professional bowler and pro shop owner. Maras, Richard A. Age 76, of Fridley, passed away from natural causes at his home on Sept 23, Richard was a teacher in the Columbia Heights School District and retired after 33 years of service. He was a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, a Stan will be deeply missed by his loving daughter, Pat; sisters, Liz and Clare; sister-in-law, Bett Marcucci, Mark Steven age 68, passed away peacefully at his home in Radisson, Wisconsin on September 30, Mark, Merle S.

Merle is survived by his loving wife, Trudii Anderson Mark; their Marshall, Raymond Joseph October 1, - June 6, Dear Dad -- You were a complicated person for sure, but the fact is that we all loved you so much and will miss you for the rest of our lives. From your humble beginnings in the severe poverty of Martinson, George J. He was called back to serve in the Korean conflict.

George shipped out for the final time on a voyage Martinucci, Dolores C. After more than 98 years, Dolores was able to accomplish everything she needed to do, everything she wanted to do, and the many things she dreamed of doing. Preceded in death Mathison, Richard J. She will be greatly missed by husband, Bill; children, Jonelle, Bill, Kelli, Mary; and many grand and great grandchildren.

A Homegoing Service will be at So Member of Local 34 for 59 years. No services will be held. Memorials to Children's Hospital are preferred. Mattson, Teri Marie age 43 of Andover, Minnesota passed away Tuesday, October 1, ; surrounded by her family in the comfort of her home after a courageous battle with cancer.

Teri was the heart of her husband Mark Mattson's life, and the loving mother She will be deeply missed b McConnell, Theresa "Terry" C. Terry is survived by her lovi Dave was Preceded in death by her parents, Steve and Katherine Lazor. McGinnis, Stephen James age 56 of Princeton, MN, passed away unexpectedly on September 20, while hunting with friends in the mountains of Colorado. He was a proud member of I.

Local , former army infantry 82nd Airborne Division, and former B McGlynn, Edward R. Age 92 of Edina peacefully passed away surrounded by family on Sept. Beloved husband, father, and grandpa. McGuinn, Patrick T. Age 87 of Roseville passed away Friday, Sept. Pat attended St.

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Andrew's grade school and Murray High School. He worked as a Railroad Engineer, with Great Nort McTamaney, Shannon D. Age 50 of Bloomington. Shannon passed away Mon. He was a movie buff, Star Wars fanatic, a big kid at heart who loved the outdoors. He was hard working, loved his job and t He is survived by his wife, YiHong, mother, three sisters and one brother.

He was preceded in death by his father. Doug was born Augus Mehlhorn, Alan T. Age 56 of Lakeville, MN passed away Oct. Mertes, Patricia Irwin age 89, of Edina. Gently passed away on September 21, , due to complications of Alzheimer's. Pat was born in Minneapolis in and graduated from Saint Margaret's Academy in Pat worked in the Foshay Tower as an office m Meyer, Eloise W.

Age 79, of Otsego. Passed away October 03, Andrew 4th St.

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  • Interment at St. Andrew's cemetery Meyer, Marjory R. Born Chicago, IL December 16, Died Minneapolis, MN September 26, Predeceased by parents John C. Richardson; sister Edna Fogarty; daughter Susan B. Truesdale; and former husband, Walter W. Survived by daug Miel, Ernest Age 91 of St. Miller, Fred C. Age 74 of Columbia Heights.

    Born in Alexandria and grew up in Brooten and Belgrade. Passed away September 28, Miller, Irene M. Preceded in death by parents, one sister, one brother, husband Harold, daughter Colleen. Bob will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 44 years, Kathy and his children, Jennifer, Matt Jamie , and Jon Crystal. Bob will also be reme Born in Denver, CO. Preceded in death by wife, Victoria and parents, Frederick and Jadwiga "Hattie".

    Survived by his childre Minar, Gerald age 85 of Bloomington. Born September 25, , she was the eldest of five children. Paul, MN and grew up in Eufaula, Alabama. She spent the majority of her adult li Paul, MN. Born January 27, died October 1, Preceded in death by husband, Eddie O. Moberg in Mock, Patricia A. Mass of Christian Burial Frid Moeller Keller , Karen age 42, of Maple Plain, Minnesota, took her final flight home on September 28, , following an unexpected complication from her bravely fought battle with cancer.

    Karen's greatest joy was her treasured family, her husband of Moen, Marlene L. Age 69 of Prior Lake, on October 3, Survived by husband of 51 years, Timothy; children, Daniel Diane Moen and Jennifer Patrick; 9 grandchildren, 2 great-grand-children. Mooers, Joan L. One day shy of her 90th birthday, our dearly beloved mother passed away peacefully on September 28th surrounded by family.

    Mom was a very gracious and kind woman who loved her family and friends very much. Preceded in death by her husband, Moore, Irene Elisabeth Berg died peacefully on September 12, at age After co Jim was preceded in death by his parents, Bernard and Mary Moore. Mortenson, Jerald H. Jerry, age 84, passed away September 9, following complications from hip surgery.

    Preceded in death by parents, Henry and Julia; and brother, George. Avid bird watcher and Vikings fan. She loved her family, knitting projects, and donated knitted items to local newborn nurseries. She loved eagles and enjoyed watching the Paul, went to her Lord and Savior on September 30, A wonderful mother and grandmother, she is survived by her best friend and daughter, Sally Ann Mullen Joth Blodgett , her son Thomas Mulligan, Shirley Ann age 82, of Cambridge passed away Oct.

    Full obituary Sunday. Svien Nelson and Alfred S. He was the proud father of three children and the even prouder g He was He lived a life characterized by a remarkable work ethic, persistence in the face of both opportun Preceded in death by parents, John and Mary Ondick.

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    Nelson, Frances L. Fran was born and grew up on a farm in southeastern Minnesota. She obtained a teaching certificate and moved to Minneapolis where she met and married Ed in They moved to Houston, Te Nelson, Marie B. Age 96, of Edina, passed away September 19, Preceded in death by husband, Richard;son Mark. Survived by sons, R. We would like to commend the st Nelson, Mary Lou M. Mary Lou went to her home in heaven on September 26, She was preceded in death by her husband of 64 years, Birdeen. Despite everything, he was my husband.

    One said: 'There is something you may as well get used to; some factor that you have no option other than to accept. I sensed his words about the drama ending would prove prophetic as I read them on July 20, But Duncan's death still traumatised me.


    When I arrived, he was on a life-support machine. Overwhelmed, I asked him to blink if he could hear me. He did. I told him not to be afraid, but then, as he closed his eyes for a final time, I yelled at him for leaving. Despite all my anger, there was love there, too. Jonathan made me realise that Duncan's death had not been arbitrary. It was part of the universe's plan. I was supposed to carry on — happiness lay ahead. Five years after Duncan died, I married William. But I will feel Jonathan's absence every day. Roger Hoe, 57, bought a Bentley in only after looking at Jonathan's reading for his Pisces sign.

    Roger Hoe, 57, is managing director of a construction company from Cottingham, E. He says:. As unusual as it might be for a man to admit, I've always believed in astrology — especially when it comes to business decisions. Jonathan Cainer's forecasts were instrumental in me making my fortune. Without his help, who knows where I'd be today? I set up my construction company in , building up an organic food company alongside it. But when I read Jonathan's forecast for my Pisces starsign soon after — 'It is time to diversify' — I took the plunge. I'm glad I did. Since then, my business has grown beyond my wildest expectations.

    I have 25 staff and a five-bedroom farmhouse with an acre of gardens. Quite simply, I'm living the dream. Jonathan's horoscope continued to be a valued guide for crucial business decisions. I read it each day and consulted him before making extravagant purchases. I bought my Bentley in only after his reading for my Pisces sign said: 'If you work hard you should enjoy the fruits of your labour.

    My friends think horoscopes are nonsense. But I like to think the progress of my business proves them wrong. Angela Garvin, 49, said Jonathan's words 'pulled her out of depression' when she separated from her husband. Angela Garvin, 49, is a legal secretary from Romford, Essex, whose husband Peter, a lawyer, left her in August I really thought I had found my dream man.

    Kind, charismatic, generous, Peter, surely, was 'the one'. He would whisk me away for spontaneous weekends, and once even surprised me with a ruby necklace. We married in August after eight years together. Then, inexplicably, the romance began to dwindle. Our sex life suffered and only 12 months after our wedding, Peter told me he was leaving me. It all seemed so sudden. I felt tormented by unanswered questions.

    I became depressed, stopped going to work and lost a stone in just a month. I've always devoured Jonathan Cainer's horoscopes. But it was a forecast for my Leo sign a month after Peter and I separated that pulled me out of my depression. It was never meant to be. A feeling of calm washed over me as I cried my last tear. His words gave me hope, and I started to get myself back on track. Even when I heard Peter was in a new relationship, I felt at peace. With Jonathan's death, I feel bereft. I've lost my trusted counsellor. Laney Randell, 73, said that Jonathan predicted her lost jewellery would be found - and it was.

    Laney Randell, 73, a physio-therapist, is married to Peter, 82, a retired agricultural consultant, and lives in Woking, Surrey. I've always had a deep bond with my daughter, Louise. When she moved to France, we started to wear matching gold bracelets — a symbol of our love despite the distance between us. In , I bought us each another bracelet — gold set with emeralds.

    Before I gave Louise her gift, Peter and I went on holiday to Cornwall, staying in a beautiful cottage. Wearing the jewellery to keep them safe, we visited the gardens of a nearby country house. But then I realised my bracelets had come off. I felt sick as we frantically retraced our steps through the bluebells.

    cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore Cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore Cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore Cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore Cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore Cancer december 17 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore

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